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This is the official website for The American Ghost Hunter Show, a paranormal chat show where the hosts (actual paranormal investigators) are not afraid to be themselves and act like ass holes to entertain you; while at the same time being informative and down to earth.

We interview some of the best people in the paranormal industry, but we are not just a chat show, we also feature live investigations, psychic readings and more!

Originally the AGHS started as a live YouTube show on Just Paranormal's channel but moved to the KCOR digital radio network in October 2017.

This was a big leap for the show and although we loved doing it we missed the video aspect; so when we were given the opportunity to move to Paranormal Warehouse, we could not say no. 

Our show has had a number of hosts but Daryl and Greg have been there from the start. Alex & Helena, from the UK, joined them towards the end of the show's stint on YouTube and have been hosting with them ever since; with Brit joining the team in 2018.

For more information about the hosts of our shows click "The Hosts" in the menu at the top of our site.


If you have not heard, Daryl Marston (the creator and main host of the AGHS), is leaving us to take part in a brand new paranormal television series. This is a serious project and although what he is doing cannot be discussed we can assure you that it is a big deal and an amazing opportunity for him. The rest of the AGHS team were very happy for him when we found out. We did nothing but encourage him to land this opportunity and now he has, we are even more happy for Daryl. 

Although the path ahead for Daryl may be difficult we know that he has what it takes to push through it. He will be filming for the rest of the year so therefore he cannot take part in our show for the time being but he will be back.We will keep you updated with any developments that we are allowed to discuss. 

Good Luck Daryl!

Re-watch a live session with a Ouija Board. 



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From March 2019 we are now broadcasting our show on Paranormal Warehouse via Facebook Live & YouTube at the same time! So you now have a choice of where to watch. YouTube: You can go to PW's Facebook page by clicking the PW logo a bit further down this page. 

As well as our regular show we also have "pop-up" shows every now and then too, where the hosts of our show basically talk about a specific subject. We also have live investigations from the USA and UK. We will either join other teams on location orwe will broadcast their investigation live while we (in the studio) communicate your questions and comments to them. 

Also coming soon to our own YouTube; live feeds and videos for you to watch and enjoy. You can also listen to recordings of previous shows on iTunes. (Links for both at bottom of page).



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As of March 2019 Paranormal Warehouse's Facebook page has nearly 500k Followers, this is where the American Ghost Hunter Show broadcasts it's main show, along with other great shows with talented hosts.


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To contact us please email either Breaking Paranormal or Boleyn Paranormal (address below). You can also contact us via Facebook. Or click "Contact Form" at the top of our site. 

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